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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I download the game?

Download on the App Store Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play

Who is Sleepy Z Studios?

We're the same creative team that made the original Ski Safari - just with a new name!

What's new compared to the original Ski Safari?

  • Multiplayer: Play together with up to 4 players over WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • A New Challenger: Choose to play as Sven's sister Evana.
  • Tricks: Swipe to perform awesome new tricks.
  • Photo Mode: Set up your perfect shot and share it with the world.
  • Cloud: Play across all your devices with the same save game.
  • Snowboarding: Choose between skis or snowboards.
  • Shopping: Collect coins to buy new costumes, equipment and vehicles. Ooh, shiny things!
  • Friends: See your friends' high scores and compare your progress.
  • Global Leaderboards: Compare your scores against the rest of the world.
  • New Rides: Lots of crazy new animals and vehicles.
  • Locations: Six vastly different levels, each with different dangers and unique gameplay.
  • 3D Graphics: Enjoy the whole Ski Safari world in glorious 3D!

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Gameplay Tips

Why does the avalanche keep catching me?

The avalanche will always catch you eventually. But try these tips to travel faster:

  • Backflip: You get a speed boost when you land a backflip.
  • Coin Chains: You get a speed boost when you collect a whole line of coins.
  • Tricks: You get a speed boost if you perform 3 swipe tricks in the air.
  • Invulnerability: While you have a speed boost, you can smash through rocks.
  • Animals: You move faster when riding animals. Try to stay on them!
  • Get Up Faster: When you fall over, tap repeatedly to get up faster.

Why should I use swipe tricks?

Tricks give you extra points. They also give you a speed boost if you chain 3 in the air. Plus, they look great!

To perform a trick, swipe in a direction (up, down, left or right). Most animals and vehicles can do 4 different tricks.

Got any advanced tips for swipe tricks?

Certainly! Check these out:

  • Combine tricks and backflips by continuing to hold your finger down at the end of the swipe.
  • Use tricks to bypass animals. If you don't want to ride that Yeti, just perform a trick as you go past.
  • Some tricks actually affect your movement. Try swiping upward on skis or downward on a sliding Yeti.
  • If you can chain 9 tricks in the air, you get epic blue boosts for every trick thereafter.
  • Try performing a right swipe trick on a running Yeti (Slam Dunk) just before you land on a Penguin. :)

Can I change the difficulty of the game?

Yes! Press the Difficulty button under Profile or Settings in the main menu. Enable Frantic Mode to get higher scores!

How do I switch between skis / snowboard?

Open the Shop from inside the cabin. Press the skis button on the left. Find a snowboard or skis and press Select.

How do I switch between Sven / Evana?

Open the Shop from inside the cabin. Press the costume button on the left. Find a Sven or Evana costume and press Select.

Challenge Tips

How do I "Bury your head in snow"?

Fall from a great height and land upside-down (on your head) on a flat area of snow.

How do I "Perform a tail grab trick on a snowboard"?

Swipe to the left while snowboarding.

How do I "Perform a 360 trick on skis"?

Swipe to the left or to the right while skiing.

How do I "Take a photo of a frozen mammoth"?

Smash through an ice bridge to find the mammoth, then press the photo button (top right of the screen) while riding on the ice cube.

How do I "Bypass a yeti using a penguin trick"?

Perform a swipe trick just before you touch the yeti. It's easiest just before you land on the yeti, or if you're flying past the yeti in the air. It can be tricky, so be patient!

How do I "Fly an eagle through a cave"?

Practise flying close to the ground on an eagle, then hope you find a short cave. This is the final challenge on Penguin Peaks - it's supposed to be difficult!

How do I "Double backflip and perform 2 tricks simultaneously"?

Fall from a great height and perform 2 backflips and 2 swipe tricks before you touch the ground.

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Multiplayer / Versus

I need help with multiplayer!

Sure! We made a whole Multiplayer FAQ just for you.

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Online Features

How do I add friends?

To add friends, connect a social network account (Game Center / Facebook) and your friends who play Ski Safari 2 will automatically appear.

Alternatively, play a multiplayer Versus game together - they will automatically become your friend.

How do I share my save game across multiple devices?

  1. Connect the same social network account (Game Center / Facebook) on both devices.
  2. The second device will say you have an account conflict.
  3. Press Switch Player to resolve the conflict. Your second device will discard its save game and join up with your first device.
  4. Repeat for as many devices as you like.

Note: Choosing Switch Player cannot be undone!

How do I connect the game to Game Center / Facebook?

Open the Settings page from inside the cabin. Press the cloud button, then press Connect!

Why should I connect to a social network?

  • Multiple Devices: Share your save game progress across all your devices.
  • Cloud Backups: Keep your save game progress even if you uninstall / reinstall the game.
  • Leaderboard Name: Without a social network, you will be "Sven" or "Evana" on the global leaderboards.

Can I add friends without a social network?

Yes! Just play a multiplayer game together.

Note: Both players must have an internet connection for this to work.

How do I see my friends' ranks and scores?

  • Ranks: Open the Profile page from inside the cabin and press the friends button.
  • Scores: Open the World Map, press the leaderboards button, then press the friends button.

I got an account conflict. Should I choose "Link to Me" or "Switch Player"?

Account conflicts happen when you try to connect a social network that is already connected to another player. Your options are:

  • Link to Me: This account belongs to me, not the other player. Associate it with me instead.
  • Switch Player: I am that other player. Share my progress across my two devices. Discard this save game and become the other player. (Careful, this cannot be undone!)
  • Cancel: Disconnect the social network, sort it out later.

How do I change my Online Name?

Open the Settings page from inside the cabin. Press the cloud button and you'll see your details.

Note: It may take 10 minutes before other people can see your changes.

How do I change my avatar?

Open the Settings page from inside the cabin. Press the cloud button and you'll see the avatar button next to your Online Name.

Why is my name "Sven" or "Evana" in the leaderboards?

To protect children from seeing profane names, your Online Name is not shown unless it is the name of your social network account.

Note: Your friends can always see your Online Name, even if you have chosen a name that doesn't match your social network.

What is your privacy policy?

Glad you asked! See our Privacy Policy.

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In-App Purchases

How do I restore purchases?

The first update (v1.0.1) includes a Restore Purchases button in the Shop. If you don't see a Restore Purchases button, please update the game.

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The game is crashing!

Sometimes turning the device off/on again helps. This is particularly the case if it's crashing when you take a photo in-game.

If that doesn't help, send us a support ticket in-game and let us know how to crash it!

The game is running badly and/or stuttering!

Sometimes turning the device off/on again helps. We have seen this make a big difference with some older devices.

If that doesn't help, send us a support ticket in-game and let us know exactly when it happens!

I got stuck in the ground!

There is a known bug with the game's physics after you've travelled a long distance. We are looking to fix this in an update.

My social network account won't connect!

  1. Open the Settings screen from inside the cabin.
  2. Press the cloud button to view your accounts.
  3. Press Connect next to your social network. Wait a moment.
  4. Does an exclamation mark appear? If so, press it.
  5. Read the error message for more info. If you can't sort it out, send us a support ticket and tell us exactly what the error message says.

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Technical Questions

Why does Android require permission X?

Please see our our Permissions FAQ.

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In-Game Support

You can also contact us through the game by opening the Settings toolbox and pressing Support.

Reporting an issue in this way helps us identify your player data on the server. Responses will appear in your News feed, which is located inside the Settings toolbox.

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