Support: Versus Mode

This FAQ is for multiplayer / versus mode. For general questions, see the Support page.


Why should I play multiplayer?

TL;DR: Because it's awesome!

Long answer: Multiplayer gives you exciting new game modes, new challenges, epic powerups, and the thrill of yelling at your friends! Just try not to be too loud.

How do I play multiplayer?

You need at least two devices, each with Ski Safari 2 installed. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on wifi and/or Bluetooth on your devices. (Note: Bluetooth is iOS only.)
  2. Connect to the same wifi network, or stand near each other for Bluetooth.
  3. In the game, open the Versus screen from the main menu.
  4. One player presses Host Game.
  5. The other players wait for auto-discovery. Then tap on the phone to join the game.

If auto-discovery doesn't work...

  1. Look at the top left corner of the host's screen for a game code.
  2. The other players press Enter Game Code and type in that number.
  3. If the number is missing (if it says "iOS"), then the host is using Bluetooth only. You may need to ask someone else to host, or for the host to enable wifi.

What are the multiplayer game modes?

There are currently two multiplayer game modes. More to come later!

  • Challenge Attack: Race to complete challenges and steal points from one another!
  • Ring Dash: Collect 200 rings before everyone else! Don't crash, or you'll drop your rings!

What are multiplayer powerups?

Multiplayer powerups are items that you throw at your friends or use to benefit yourself. Just collect a powerup crate in the level and press the powerup button!

  • Snowball
  • Obelisk
  • Screen Flip
  • Pocket Penguin
  • Super Blue Boost
  • Magnet (Ring Dash only)

Can I choose who I target with a powerup?

Yes, if the powerup button shows a target symbol. Just tap the player at the top of the screen.

How do I change my name/avatar in multiplayer?

Before you join the game, see Versus Name on the Versus screen. Tap the name to change it, or tap the avatar button to change your avatar.

Can I join a game while it's in progress?

Yes. And if you recently got disconnected, you will pick up from where you left off.

Do the coins I collect in multiplayer still count?

Yes, as long as you are still playing the game. (Coins collected during the game over screens do not count.)

How do I unlock the other multiplayer levels?

At least one player needs to have bought the level in the World Map. Then everyone can play that level.

What plans do you have for improving multiplayer in updates?

Shhh, that's a secret. But we are very excited to take multiplayer to the next level!

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Connection Issues

My friend has hosted a game, but I can't join it!

Try these:

  1. Are you in the same room as each other? Bluetooth is short range. For wifi, you need to be on the same wifi network.
  2. Try enabling both wifi and Bluetooth on your device at the same time (iOS only).
  3. In the Versus screen, wait 10 seconds and see if your device auto-discovers the game.
  4. Try using the Enter Game Code button. The game code is in the top left corner of the host's screen.
  5. Try asking a different player to host the game.
  6. In some rare cases, restarting your wifi router can help.

Note: There is a known issue with Game Codes on iPhones and iPads that have a cellular data connection. Sometimes the Game Code is incorrect. This will be fixed in the first update. In the meantime, you can still use auto-discovery or Bluetooth.

I keep getting disconnected from the host!

  • If you are connected over wifi, you need to remain in range of the wifi router, or stand in an area which has good wifi signal strength.
  • If you are connected over Bluetooth, you need to remain near each other.
  • On iOS, enabling both wifi and Bluetooth and using auto-discovery can make the connection more stable.
  • In some rare cases, restarting your wifi router can help.
  • As a last resort, try creating a wifi hotspot for everyone to use.

What is a game code?

Game codes allow you to manually join a game over wifi. The game code appears in the top left corner of the host's screen. If the game code is missing (if it says "iOS"), then the host is running over Bluetooth only. (Note: Android devices cannot use Bluetooth.)

Which is better for multiplayer - wifi or Bluetooth?

Either one is fine. Actually, you will get the best results by enabling both (on iOS).

Can I host a game on both wifi and Bluetooth at the same time?

Yes, it's actually recommended. Just make sure both wifi and Bluetooth were enabled before you hosted the game. Players joining the game can use either wifi or Bluetooth.

Why can't my device auto-discover games?

A small number of devices are not able to use auto-discovery. Either host a game or use a game code.

Can I play over a wifi hotspot?

Yes. Anyone connected to your wifi hotspot can host the game. Just make sure you are all connected to the same wifi hotspot.

Can I play over Bluetooth on Android?

No, unfortunately. When they were designing Bluetooth support, they didn't make it cross-platform. Android devices need to use wifi.

How can iOS users join a game hosted on Android?

Enable wifi on every device. Make sure you are all connected to the same wifi network.

Can I play with friends over the internet?

Not at the moment. We decided to limit multiplayer to your local wifi and Bluetooth because it's much more fun when you're actually in the same room! We are considering online multiplayer (and more multiplayer options) in future updates.

Can I play multiplayer over my phone's data connection?

Not at the moment. Data connections are not allowed to host servers due to technical limitations. Plus, the latency is generally very high over data connections anyway.

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